About Smooth Friend

It's nice to be confused sometimes. Let's take things too far. Can you explain something? The area that is pleasurable but not escapist. Is hand-made writing anything? We like your bizarre implication. We like your uncomfortable association. It's nice to write in html sometimes. Perfect timeliness isn't necessary. Is it even possible to experiment with a body as ancient as a book? Let's be pamphleteers again. Formal limitations can be useful. An outlet, an inlet. The loneliest letter. Hybridity is a buzzword but that's not hybridity's fault. Can you describe something strange? Understatement is enough for us. Confrontation is enough. This is a beautiful object.



Contact Elisabeth Nicula at elisabeth@smoothfriend.press (all inquiries) or Simon Crafts at simon@smoothfriend.press (more like poems).

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